• Image of Frikstailers - Guacha - 12" Vinyl EP

Carrying messages of extraterrestrial, tropical madness from planet Klajnak, the Frikstailers (pronounced Freak Stylers) have been chosen to deliver the funk. Manned by the multi-rhythmic madmen Rafa Caivano and Lisandro Sona, Frikstailers were tele-abducted by an advanced civilization from the planet Klajnak, and are forced to transmit their electronic messages to Earth.

The first single off their debut album En Son de Paz, Guacha (pronounced Wacha) has the duo battling a unique spatial entity who has been sucking vital energy out of the galaxy for ages. Released on 3rd December on 12” vinyl and download.

For the occasion the Frikstailers have called on a legion of allies (Los Reyes de la Milanga, Thornato and Uproot Andy) to help combat the evil b***h (rough translation for Guacha) and restore peace to the galaxy.

Bonus! you'll get a free CD of Frikstailer's album 'En Son de Paz' and a Future Cumbia Shit sticker by Freshcore with your purchase of a Vinyl!